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At some point, we have all dreamed of watching our favorite team play on a giant 65 inch TV mounted on the wall of the living room. Or, pictured ourselves, binge-watching Friends, on a tiny 24-inch screen mounted on the bedroom wall. However, buying televisions with good quality image and audio, topped with smart features, is often too heavy on the pockets.  As one of the leading manufacturers and exporters for LED TVs in India, Wextor India brings you the chance to buy that perfect LED TV you have always dreamed of at an affordable price, without compromising on the quality. If you are looking to buy high quality LED TV with crystal clear image, booming audio and other smart features at an affordable price, then look no farther. 


We at Wextor India, are dedicated to providing our customers with LED TVs at pocket-friendly prices, without compromising on the quality. We give our customers the luxury to choose from a wide range of normal and smart LED TVs of various sizes. Being one of the top exporters for LED TV, our smart LED TVs offer features like webcam, WiFi connectivity, screen mirroring, Full HD display, LAN port and more. We offer a year-long warranty on our TVs. We are also wholesale suppliers of LED TVs in India.


We lead with our products! 


For us, perfection and quality are the ways of life. Our team carries out extensive Research & Development in state of the art labs to explore high-end technologies for manufacturing the best quality electronic equipment at affordable prices. Our goal is to ensure that our customers get the best experience while using any of our products. We heavily depend on regular feedback from our users, so that we are constantly improving. Our expert technical team and efficient quality control team make sure that our customers’ needs and expectations are always taken care of. This makes us a trustworthy brand of  LED TV manufacturers in Delhi  and other electronic equipment of the highest grade. 


Our success in building LED TVs that boast of high quality we well as longevity has helped us secure a top spot among the top 5 exporters company for LED TV. Ensuring customer satisfaction on every product is our primary goal. Our promise to always provide top quality products and top-notch service have made us a reliable name in Delhi and across India. Our team makes sure that our customers experience round the clock service and assistance if required. We aim to provide a hassle-free experience right from placing orders to delivery of the product. So check out our site today and bring home that LED TV you have always wanted to adorn your home with, at an unthinkable price.


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