Best Smart TV in India for Year 2020

With brilliant screen resolution, enhanced colour output, connectivity to other devices and internet access, smart TVs take your home entertainment experience to the next level. Fortunately, you can buy the best smart TV without letting your budget take a hit by shopping from the Wextor India. 


Wextor LED TV 

 The Wextor India colors are perfectly complemented by twin 10-watt speakers that offer an exhilarating audio experience. Moreover, the Android TV operating system rests on a 64-bit quad core processor to ensure that lag-free navigation.


  • 5,00,000 hours of in-built content

  • Ultra-bright LED display

  • Dual 25-watt speakers

  • Wi Fi Functionality

  • Resolution – 1366 X 768Pixel

  • 3 Year Warranty

  • Number of USB Ports – 4

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