6 Tips For Buying The Right LED TV For Your Home

TV is an essential part of today’s household. There will hardly be any household in India where there is no television. With the ongoing pandemic, lockdown or night curfews, people spend most of their time at home and to avoid boredom TV is what they resort to for some entertainment. Whether you and your family are watching a serial, watching Netflix or your kids are watching animation, it’s watching TV that has become a routine in a person’s life.

Buying TV is not something that we do every month, it’s not like buying clothes or grocery; it is a big investment and you need to choose the right television set from verified LED TV suppliers. Other than choosing a good LED manufacturing company in India, there are other factors that needs to be kept in mind before purchasing an LED TV. Here we will guide you about how to choose the right television that you and your family will be watching for hours by just investing a few minutes to read this blog and get the right product for your home.

Decide the Price Range

The first thing to decide is the amount you want to spend on your television. In the present decade, television prices have come down than before and LED TVs are quite within the budget nowadays. More money will give you a bigger screen, a better contrast and a high colour spectrum. We suggest not to look for locally manufactured cheap options because these kinds of investments are not made every day. There are good LED TV manufacturing company in Delhi, verified wholesale LED TV suppliers in India which offers good quality TVs and also provides huge discounts.

Decide the size of the TV

Whether you live in a small apartment or a big house, you need to decide the place where you want to install the television and then buy the size accordingly- in the markets you will get 24”, 32”, 43” normal; 32”, 50” 55” smart TV. We suggest not choosing a very small size as a bigger one will give a better screen resolution and clarity. 

Smart TV is the Future

Gone are the days when people used television to watch serials, sports, news and movies. Now, people use TVs for many other purposes and this is the sole reason that the concept of ‘Smart TV’ has come into being. On a smart TV it is possible to watch your favourite Netflix or Amazon Prime, surf through Youtube and more. It also gives the freedom of cutting the cords or satellite service and use the apps instead. With a smart TV with a large screen and a good resolution at home, not only can you watch your favourite web series, movies or cricket match, but can at the same time look at your stored pictures and listen to music. Isn’t it great? So, if you are investing in a new LED TV we suggest going for a smart LED TV from a verified LED TV supplier like Wextor.

Look for these basics

There are basically three things that you need to check. Firstly, the cables. Check if the TV comes with a high-quality HDMI cable or not. A good quality cable helps the passing of wider signals faster which means it can manage the higher bandwidth required to get the best quality picture. Secondly, check for the ports- 4 HDMI ports are a minimum requirement. If you are going for a 4K Ultra HD television, then check if the HDMI port supports HDMI 2.0 or not. Thirdly, enquire about Bluetooth connectivity. Many television sets nowadays come with Bluetooth connectivity, which makes it easier to watch TV using Bluetooth headphones and not disturbing others. Imagine yourself watching an action movie with Bluetooth headphones on your LED at the comfort of your home- how cool is that?

HDR Compatible

What is HDR? We all have seen HDR on our smartphone cameras, but what is actually HDR for a television? HDR or High Dynamic Range is something that allows the television to generate higher contrasts within the existing pixels and make the picture quality appear better with more depth, accuracy and that looks natural. This feature doesn’t come for free though, but if you can afford then do spend that extra bucks and choose this feature for your television.


Warranty is very essential when buying electronic goods. You should always buy from authorized dealers as they provide a warranty with phone and email support. Authorized LED dealers in India also provide free home services and their service centres are also available throughout the country for easy and quick servicing related issues. When going for a brand, keep in mind that the product you are purchasing is from a trustworthy manufacturer that has a good reputation in the market and whose customer service is available 24*7.

We hope that the above tips will help you choose the right LED TV manufacturing company in India. You can choose Wextor, situated in Delhi that deals in LED TVs and CCTV cameras. They offer good quality products at affordable prices and the best part is they have a customer service that is available 24*7. So you do not have to worry in case any issue pops up with your TV. If you are planning to buy an LED TV, you can check Wextor’s website or call at +919810279498

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