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4 Tips To Keep In Mind During CCTV Installation

CCTV cameras have become an important part of today’s daily life. In the preceding times CCTV cameras were seen mostly in banks, but with time it has become a part of different sectors- from retail to manufacturing to hotel industry to big IT firms and so on. Even roads now have CCTV cameras. But, with time these CCTV cameras have evolved and now comes with more developed technologies like cloud computing,automation etc.

If you are planning to install a CCTV camera for your home and business, then our first tip is to go to a reputed CCTV manufacturer in India or a CCTV wholesaler in India and for the second tip we have a list of things that you have to keep in mind when installing a CCTV.

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  • Keep In Mind The Viewing Area

 The first thing to keep in mind is the purpose for which you are installing the CCTv camera in the first place- to capture everything on cam. So, choose a place from where the camera will be able to capture the entire area that you want to be under survey and not create blind-spots. Sometimes, placing them in corners put a limitation on the camera’s views. Also, don’t forget to ensure that the CCTV cameras you are installing cover the hidden entry points as  well to ensure intruders are at bay.

  • Consider The Lighting

The area to be monitored must have adequate lighting to be able to capture even the minute details like facial features, number plates of passing by cars etc. But what if adequate lighting is not possible? In that case, you may consider buying a night-vision capable camera manufactured by many top CCTV company and are available with CCTV manufacturers in Delhi, CCTV wholesalers in India and even with CCTV franchise.

  • Secure Your Camera

Keeping the CCTV cameras safe is also your duty. When installing ensure that the cables are not exposed as it can be easily severed and also extreme weather conditions can damage it with time. Not only this, you also have to protect it from outside hacking. Change the factory set, default password and enable all the additional features that the camera has to protect from malicious threats. To ensure your CCTV camera is safe from these threats, consider a reputed CCTV manufacturer in India over a local one.

  • Hire Only A professional Reputable Installer

  To save a few bucks we often go for DIY CCTV camera installation or ask a local installer to come and install the CCTV cameras. Since, this is a one time investment, drop this idea and go for a professional installer as they have experience and can suggest you the best solutions if you have any doubts. A good professional installer will have a license and before you hire him for the job, ask him questions to be very sure if he can serve the purpose.

If you are in Delhi, then you can consider buying your CCTVs from Wextor, a reputed CCTV manufacturer in Delhi. Wextor provides top class electronic products like CCTV cameras and LED TVs with warranty and they also has a 24*7 customer care support. Call them at +91-98102-79498 or visit www.wextorindia.com

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