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All you need to know before buying LED TV

We understand that there are a hundred thoughts that go in your head before you bring your prized possession- LED TV set to your home. Although the space keeps evolving, you can place your bets on the most rewarding television set that can bring immense happiness for you and your family. LED TV Suppliers in Nigeria have a lot to offer. So, if you are confused so as to which television to buy, we are here to help you:

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What is the difference between LED or LED-LCD or LED-backlit TVs

LED is essentially an evolved form of liquid crystal display that comes with Light Emitting Diode backlighting. This allows a television to be slimmer. It also helps the television to minimise the borders around the screen and offers a great television viewing experience. Moreover, it is also more energy efficient than CCFL backlighting. This is why LEDs today, are most preferred among the masses. There are many led tv suppliers in Nigeria who offer best-in-class LEDs. You can choose according to your preference, which led tv supplier in Nigeria, you wish to buy from.
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Should you buy a bigger screen or opt for a smaller one?

The biggest dilemma that you face is that whether you should go for a bigger screen size or a smaller one. TVs are today available in various sizes. You can choose as per your convenience. The 24-inch screens are considered the smallest widely available option. You can also go for a smaller size than this, but usually reputed brands do not offer this. The most sought after size is the 32 inches. But, the users are also getting more interested in buying the 40 inch variant as well. Those who wish to buy big screens can buy 49 inches and above. However, 55-inches variant remains the most popular one in this category. The right screen size of the television also depends on the room where you intend to mount the television. If you wish to view the television from a distance of three to five-feet. 32-inches are ideal.

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