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Exporters for LED TV in India

If you are looking for an excellent company for purchasing an LED TV then there can be no better option than Wextor India. It is one of the leading exporters for LED TV in India. We manufacture and export LED TVs and cameras which are made up of the latest trends of technologies and are bestowed with many smart features that are appreciated by people these days. Our company is also known for manufacturing security spy cameras of the top-notch quality. We are considered to be one of the top LED TV manufacturers in India, manufacturing televisions of the excellent category.

Reasons we are the best!

Robust and efficient services have made Wextor India the best-LED manufacturer company in Delhi. The electronic goods produced by our company can be relied upon with minimal to negligible discrepancy problems faced by the buyers. We manufacture LED TVs of various inches that shall suit your living room, bedroom or wherever you want to place them. The collection of spy cameras we offer is worth mentioning at our company. The different types of spy cameras available include- HD stone rock camera, chewing gum spy camera, camera in the bulb holder, cameras that could be hidden in computer mouse, spy security camera to be used in mini CCTV. Moreover, the LED TVs manufactured have a wonderful picture and sound quality that leaves the viewer in awe. Recording devices are also produced by our company.


We provide 24-hours assistance to our customers and provide products that are safe and trustworthy. The price of products at Wextor India is also quite reasonable. So, why waiting when you can shop for electronic devices from our company without any haste.


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