KTC IMpex wextor


Main Function Introduction
• Calling;-
Dial:- Bluetooth Call via cellphone, talk at the watch end. Phonebook:- Sync all the contacts in the cellphone.
Call logs:- Sync all the calls history in the cellphone. SMS:- Sync all the message in the cellphone

• Notifications:-
Synchronous all the phone notifications, if you want to display the notifications with contents, need to setup to display the details of notice function in the App in the phone, it will vibrate for incoming Calls and messages.

• Bluetooth:-
Search the device you want connect,or disconnect the device

• Pedometer
Check the steps you walked during the day, calories burn and walk distance.Everyday 0 o’ clock all the data will be saved automatically and reset to 0. slide up enter option; status, on
and off; History, it can check 7 days local records; Goal, set a target for everyday steps,

* Sleep Moniter:-
The Smart watch will turn on it automatically from 9pm to 9am . it records your sleep duration and quality, help you adjust a better rest time, improve sleep quality. Slide up enter
options; status, on and off ; History, check out deep sleep and
light sleep; instruction

• Heart rate moniter:-
Wear the watch tightly with your wrist, best position would be upper of the hand-wrist,around 20 seconds it will shows the real time heart rate data, slide down menu into history, mode includes single measure and continuous measure; and instruction. Generally speaking normal value is 60-90 times/min

• ECG :-
Adopt optical heart rate and ECG combine technology, about 30 seconds can show the data, after test will appear To App, means ECG data save to phone

• Blood pressure:-
Please put your hands flat on a surface and do not move. when this function is activated it needs about 45 – 50 seconds of mea suring and reading to provide a result.

• Temperature:-
The normal body temperature is 35.9-37.2 degreea.and it’s varies from to time every day. The maximum temperature different is 1 degree. The temperature over 37.3 is low grade fever

• Sound:-
You can select the caller profile , select Ringtones, slect notifica- tion ringtones

• Alarm:-
Can setting 5 alarm, long press can cancel alarm

• Anti – lost:-
Click “Find phone” , connected phone will be ringing warning,

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